A.G. has been drawing, painting and sculpting since childhood. As a student, he chose art and languages and then for many years was a successful designer of bespoke furniture.  Six years ago, he began to develop a unique sculptural style, combining his creative talents with his understanding of how materials work. In 2009 he retired from commercial work to concentrate exclusively on his career as a sculptor.


AG’s studio is in Central Java, in a stunning setting amongst the mountains of Ungaran.  Each sculpture is started with a sketch. His material is driftwood and teak roots, and he often spends months searching for exactly the right shapes, with attention also paid for their size and rigidity. These he painstakingly pieces together to complete the puzzle, the successful result often hinging – almost literally - on finding that one elusive driftwood shape which makes the work truly come alive.


The hunting grounds for his work are the riversides, the beaches and the forests around his studio -- no trees are harmed or damaged in the sourcing! Teak is the backbone of his work, as it is strong, durable and ideal for outdoor use. It doesn’t require wood preservative as teak contains a natural oil which is poisonous to insects and this also helps preserve it from the worst of the weather. And, as a bonus, it turns a wonderful silvery-grey with age.


AG’s work is held in many private and public collections around the world. He has recently had the honour of his sculptures being added to the prestigious collection at the Royal Museum of Pahang in Malaysia.