Angela Palmer

She trained as a biologist at the University of Bristol and worked initially in cancer research until her family arrived. When her 4 children were older she began to explore two old loves-  drawing from life and modelling in clay. It was at this point that she met the sculptor and painter Malcolm Morris who encouraged her to work directly from the figure in clay.


Angela’s biological background has given her  knowledge of anatomy and a deep interest in the human body- how it works, but more importantly how it portrays the character and emotional expression, and one could even say the essence of a person.


She is now involved in trying to capture the emotional and spiritual complexities of a person as communicated by their body language.


From an early age Angela was influenced by the power and emotional intensity in the sculpture of Auguste Rodin, and the delicacy of the small sculptures of Edgar Degas. The work of Marino Marini, Giacomo Manzu, Bruno Bartoccini and the Danish sculptress Hanne Warming have been more recent sources of inspiration.


For the past 22 years Angela has been teaching Life Classes in the Wye valley and the Forest of Dean, and now holds weekly sessions in her home village of Brockweir.


Angela has exhibited widely in Bristol, Birmingham, Bath, Cardiff, Penarth, Ross on Wye, Hereford, Monmouth and West Wales.