Rachael Walker

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved to be creative. After finishing school all I knew I wanted to do was to continue my art studies and develop as an artist/designer. I applied to York university and achieved a BA(HONS) 2:1 in art and design and then went on to complete a MSc with distinction in textile design at Huddersfield university.


Based in Shrewsbury I am inspired by the landscape around me, from the rolling hills to the misty horizons I seek to capture the moods and emotions of our surroundings in fluid abstract form. The creative possibilities with resin are endless and this is what motivates me, with resin I can create truly eye catching work that is new and contemporary, its glass like finish enhances the vibrancy of colour and depth within my work. My work is created by mixing pigments, acrylic and inks with resin which I then pour onto canvas or wood, each piece takes on a journey of its own and will take on many forms before I’m satisfied with it, it’s a very experimental and exciting way of working for me as an artist and fills me with so many more ideas to explore. I have been developing this technique over the last 8 years and now exhibit in galleries throughout the UK.