The Study of Light: Matthew Wood RCA exhibition

3 - 23 September 2022



 I produce paintings on location and in one sitting be they landscape or interior. Working from primary observation I have developed a method and technique that is both expressive and direct. The challenge of creating a successful painting in sometimes adverse conditions – from rain and snow storm to darkened corridor or church – adds to the experience of the process of painting. All works are produced on board, with the landscapes in oil and interiors in gouache, the dark contrasting tones of the interiors counter-balancing the softer harmonious perspectives used in the landscapes.
The use of perspective and light is a dominant theme in all of my work. The depth and movement within each composition enables the painting to come to life. A view must be memorable, distinctive and inspirational whether it be an overlooked corridor or hidden valley – with the process of looking and determining composition sometimes taking place several years before a painting is actually made.
I work swiftly, sometimes generating up to four paintings a day. Most works are small scale for reasons of practicality, especially when working in the landscape and walking considerable distances over mountainous terrain, or when crammed into a corner to obtain a view to a window or through a doorway.

Press release

Matthew Wood is one of the rising stars of the Welsh artworld today. 


His mastery of light and the simple composition of his subject matter invite you into these wonderful intimate paintings.