Jane Daniell

I have been painting and drawing since childhood and in the last 20 years have built up a portfolio of illustrations, some based on Shakespeare’s plays, some based on the epic ‘Ryme of the Ancient Mariner’ (Coleridge) and have also completed various commissions.

I sell my work nationally and internationally; some as products and I like to paint with gouache on a very smooth surface as I can achieve the detail.

I started etching five years ago and have taken part in several exhibitions at venues throughout London, UK. These have included ‘Real Art for Real People’ at the Coningsby Gallery in W1, The University Woman’s Club in Mayfair, Burgh House in Hampstead and many more.

I make aquatint etchings. This is where the plate is immersed in acid and the line and tones achieved when the acid ‘bites’ the areas which have not been masked.The colour is then applied by hand. One colouring achieves only one print.