Zoe Taylor

I have a long association with the Marches, Black Mountains and the Beacons having travelled through them more times than I care to remember. 

My parents spent the last 30 years living on the coast in west Wales and many years before that, we drove back and forth on the ‘old road’ as we used to call it. 


The views from this area fill what I call my inner sketchbook and continue to feed most my work as it has done for many years.


We are lucky enough to live in a landscape that bears witness to our past, to our present and to our future. 


The skies above us remain largely unchanged by all that goes on below, and the ever-changing weather is a backcloth to that land and to our lives.


Our land and weather here in Britain have made us who we are and are intensely emotional, powerful forces that are part of our very soul. 

As a landscape painter, I am trying to find ways to capture a moment of that emotion, evoking those weather filled days. My work has changed organically as I explore different working methods to recreate just a tiny fragment of the force felt by each and everyone of us, should we take time to be aware of it.

I work from a small studio and, having made the leap from acrylics to oils about 18 months ago, am still exploring and learning, and trying to move towards the essence of that single moment in time.